Jameson and Ginger Ale

jameson and ginger ale

Navigating a bar can be a bit tricky for the gluten intolerant individual. Around the holiday season especially, with all of its extra festivities and get-togethers, I think it’s particularly useful to know what liquor is “safe,” and some easy drinks to make with mixers on-hand. For a list of various gluten-free spirits that I stock my home bar with, click on the gluten-free ingredients link on the right side of the page under shopping guides (or click here for a shortcut).

Jameson and Bushmills Irish Whiskey are both gluten-free after distillation (click here and here for screenshots of their respective sites confirming such), and can be fashioned into a simple cocktail with the addition of ice and ginger ale. It’s such a simple drink to make that providing a recipe seems a bit silly. Regardless, you’ll find my preferred ratio below. (The version pictured above is from my recent trip to Disney World where they did not scrimp on the booze — I talk about that, and more, over here in my Gluten-free Dining at Disney World post.)

Cheers (or, since it’s the weekend and we’re talking about Jameson, should I say, “Cheers (Drink to That)“?)!

Jameson and Ginger Ale

Preparation Time: 1 minute

Makes: 1 cocktail



Combine ice and Jameson in a tall glass (about 12 ounce capacity), stir until whiskey is cold. Top with ginger ale, stir and serve (with or without a straw).

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    Kiri W.
    December 3, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    My mom swears by jameson, I’ll send her this recipe 😉

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    heather sage
    December 9, 2011 at 10:52 am

    my sister, her boyfriend and my mom do, too! just following in their footsteps, i guess :). thanks!

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