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Admittedly, when I require corn tortillas, I normally simply grab a big pack at Target. Nevertheless, occasionally, I’ll take out the ol’ tortilla press and also work up a set from the ground up. They are a great reward for an unique event (the upcoming vacation, maybe?), or when you require tiny tortillas for two-bite tacos (as displayed in this old, undistinct image of miniature fish tacos over below). My brand-new preferred method to load them will certainly remain in the following message, coming quickly!

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· ·. Corn Tortillas

Heather Sage (minimally adjusted from Maseca)

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Food preparation Time: 2 mins per tortilla

Makes: 16, 6 ″ Tortillas

Active ingredients

  • 2 mugs (240 grams) Instant Corn Masa Flour ¹, plus a tbsp approximately if the dough is as well sticky
  • 12 ounces Hot Water
  • 1/2 tsp Kosher Salt


Establish as numerous cast iron frying pans, frying pans, and so on as your cooktop can hold over tool warmth. If you have just have one, do not stress– it will certainly simply take longer.

In the dish of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle accessory, integrate masa, water and also salt. Mix on tool rate for 2 mins. Attempt to roll a tiny item of dough right into a sphere, if it adheres to your hands way too much, worked an additional tbsp of masa right into the dough; retest.

Separate dough right into 16 items as well as roll right into smooth rounds, or utilize a 1 tbsp part inside story (# 64) as well as roll 2 scoops with each other ². Location rolled dough on a plate; maintain covered with a tidy, somewhat moist cooking area towel (or paper towels).

Cut the sides and also complement a quart-size storage space bag. Open up tortilla press as well as location bag so the lower joint remains in the joint of journalism. Open up bag so it covers both fifty percents of journalism. Location a sphere of dough somewhat off-center (simply a little bit more detailed to the joint side). Cover dough with the various other fifty percent of the bag, as well as press. Peel tortilla off the bag.

Meticulously put on preheated frying pan (it’s a one-shot bargain, the tortilla promptly adheres to the frying pan). Prepare for regarding one min– when done, it will certainly launch conveniently from the frying pan, and also the bottom will certainly be a little completely dry looking with sligtly crinkled sides. Turn tortilla making use of a spatula or your fingers (care: just if you have hard fingertips and also are extremely cautious not to shed on your own– job rapidly!), and also chef for one more min (in some cases they expand, as revealed listed below, various other times not). Get rid of to a tidy plate and also cover with a tidy towel. Repeat with continuing to be dough, piling tortillas once they are prepared to maintain them damp and also cozy.

Reheating Tortillas:.

Microwave: Moisten and also wring completely dry a number of paper towels, twist around a pile of tortillas. Prepare above for 30 seconds-1 min, or till warm.

Stove: Preheat the stove to 350 ° F. Wrap a pile of tortillas in light weight aluminum foil. Location in the stove as well as cozy for regarding 10 mins, or up until warm.

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· · · ·. notes ¹ I utilize Maseca brand name immediate corn masa flour (in the environment-friendly as well as white bag, not the one for tamales). It is rather extensively readily available in non-specialty stores (Northern California: Target and also Whole Foods, Rhode Island: Stop as well as Shop). Nonetheless, I have not yet figured out whether they have a devoted gluten totally free center for manufacturing, if that’s an issue for you. Likewise, Bob’s Red Mill currently creates one in their gluten cost-free center (I’ve not attempted it yet, though). You can acquire it straight from them below.

¹ For the two-bite tortillas, just utilize 1 tbsp of dough per sphere. I truly like the mini dimension if I’m making appetiser tacos for a celebration.

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