Pork-Scallion Pot Stickers with Homemade Wrappers

Oh just how I’ve missed out on pot sticker labels. Back then, David and also I bought them so commonly– in addition to Szechuan string beans and also lemon poultry– from Dim Sum Bar in San Francisco that when I provided our shipment address they would certainly state back our typical order. (Seriously, it was all also similar to Miranda’s experience with the Chinese takeout lady in Sex as well as the City, luckily minus the giggling.)

One of the most lengthy component is making the wrappers from square one, however the dish itself is rather fail-safe. Whether you function the dough for a brief quantity of time or for longer (to make them added smooth, like their wheat-based equivalents), they will certainly stay damp and also flexible sufficient to create right into dumplings. I explore a great deal of various folding techniques, some rather “innovative” (the early, improperly photographed, silly-looking efforts can be seen on the Facebook web page for A Sage Amalgam). Most just recently, however, I discovered that the traditional method shown by Saveur Magazine was without a doubt the most convenient, most appealing alternative. Nevertheless, I will not evaluate you if you choose to utilize a Dumpling Maker, it can assist to speed up points up a little bit.

An electrical pasta roller is one gizmo that I completely advise if you wish to make your [dumpling-making] life much easier. I make use of the KitchenAid Pasta Sheet Roller Attachment (offered from Chefs Catalog, Amazon, Bed Bath and also Beyond); the design I bought (KPSA) does not consist of any one of the pasta reducing devices, and also establish me back $60 (from Chefs Catalog via Amazon) 2 years back. If you favor to roll them out by hand, the Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin is truly practical for attaining constantly slim wrappers (it consists of disks for 1/16 ″ thick dough, which is nearly what you’re searching for)– it’s simply a great deal of job make them in this manner.

Keep tuned for my favored dipping sauce to offer with these yummy tidbits (psst, it’s Chili-Scallion Oil). Hope you appreciate ’em as long as we do!

Pork-Scallion Pot Stickers with Homemade Wrappers

Heather Sage (loading adjusted from Food as well as Wine, wrappers and also food preparation technique my very own)

Preparation Time: 2 1/2– 3 hrs

Food preparation Time: About 8 mins fresh, 10 mins from fridge freezer (plus frying time)

Makes: 4– 4 1/2 loads



  • 1 1/2 tbsps (from concerning 2) carefully grated dried out shiitake mushrooms ¹
  • . 10 grams (2 tsps) diced garlic
  • 10 grams (2 tsps) diced fresh ginger
  • 14 grams (1 tbsp) untoasted sesame oil
  • 14 grams (1 tbsp) gluten-free soy sauce
  • 1 tsp Kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp carefully ground black pepper
  • 113 grams (4 ounces or 1 mug, stuffed) entire Napa cabbage leaves (do not eliminate white rib), really carefully sliced
  • 1/2 mug (from concerning 5) quartered and also very finely cut scallions (light, tool as well as dark eco-friendly components)
  • 1/2 extra pound (227 grams or 8 ounces) ground pork


  • 120 grams (1 mug) millet flour, plus much more for rolling
  • 120 grams (1 mug) garbanzo-fava flour
  • 96 grams (1/2 mug) potato starch
  • 64 grams (1/2 mug) arrowroot starch
  • 20 grams (2 tbsps plus 1/4 tsp) xanthan periodontal
  • 312 grams (11 ounces or 1 1/4 mugs plus 2 tbsps) steaming water

For Frying and also Serving:

  • Peanut or grapeseed oil
  • Chili-scallion oil (spicy)
  • Plum sauce ² (pleasant, sour).
  • Gluten-free soy sauce (zesty)


Make Filling:

In a tool dish, mix with each other mushrooms with black pepper. Mix in cabbage as well as scallions, layer equally with soy sauce mix (like you’re making a cole slaw). Include pork, and also utilize a fork to blend with each other simply up until integrated. Cover firmly with cling wrap and also cool while making the wrappers.

DO AHEAD: Filling can be made up to 2 days prior to making wrappers as well as setting up pot sticker labels.

Make Wrappers:

When you’re prepared to load the potstickers, make the pot sticker label wrappers. Blend with each other millet flour with xanthan periodontal in the dish of a stand mixer; fit mixer with the paddle attachement. Establish device on reduced and also gather boiling water. Mix on tool rate for 2 mins.

Scratch dough onto a tidy, millet-floured counter (from currently on when I state flour I suggest millet, ok?). (The dough ought to be cooled down sufficient to be managed after blending, however if you discover it also cozy, allow it rest, covered by a damp towel for numerous mins.) Knead dough to incorporate right into one swelling (it will certainly not be really smooth taking a look at this factor). Deal with around 1/4 of the dough at once, cover the remainder with a wet towel. On a floured surface area (usage as low as feasible to stop sticking), roll dough out til it’s regarding 3 ″ large and also 1/8 ″ inch thick, size will certainly differ (if you’re turning out by hand, maintain rolling till dough has to do with 4 ″ large as well as 1/16 ″ thick, and also proceed and also miss the following paragraph).

Making use of the pasta roller on the best setup (# 1), spray dough freely with flour, run dough via (it might tear a lot, yet that’s ok, it’s gon na undergo the equipment a couple of even more times). Fold dough over in thirds (so it’s still just regarding 3 ″ vast), utilize the pin to roll it bent on 1/8 ″ once more, spray with even more flour and also go through the pasta equipment on the largest setup once more. Change width-setting of the device to the following slimness (# 2). Dirt with added flour (if it really feels sticky), as well as run dough with, it will certainly have to do with 1/16 ″ thick.

Cut wrappers utilizing a 3 1/2 ″ round cookie cutter; pile on a huge item of cling wrap, fold it over the leading to maintain them from drying while the various other wrappers are made. (I normally pile regarding fifty percent of the wrappers with each other, after that begin a 2nd pack– no leaning towers of pot sticker label wrappers for me!) Re-roll scraps (if you have sufficient) or work them right into an additional quarter of the dough; repeat rolling as well as reducing procedure.

Kind Pot Stickers:

For an aesthetic overview, see these helpful pictures by Saveur. Line a freezer-safe plate or rimmed cooking sheet with cling wrap; alloted. Lay out regarding 6 wrappers, dampen simply the sides utilizing your finger with a little bit of water. Location a stuffed TEASPOON (it does not require to be degree, however it should not be excessively heaping) in the facility of the wrapper. Fold wrapper over dough (it will certainly appear like a crispy taco), squeeze simply the facility with each other. Beginning on one side, concerning 1/3 over where the facility is squeezed with each other, draw dough on the side encountering you to the facility, and also squeeze it to stick. You generally make a little cone form after that fold it over to the facility– just one side of the potsticker will certainly have the elegant pleats, the back continues to be relatively level. Do the exact same point to close the side you’re dealing with; repeat with the various other fifty percent. Area dumpling on plastic wrap-lined frying pan, weigh down gently so it will certainly stand on its base. Repeat with continuing to be filling up and also wrappers.

When all pot sticker labels are developed, continue to food preparation or area frying pan in the fridge freezer. Totally freeze dumplings on frying pan prior to moving to a fridge freezer bag or fridge freezer storage space containers. Will certainly maintain icy for 2– 3 months, prepare straight from iced up.

Vapor, Fry as well as Serve Pot Stickers:

Fill a big pot fitted with a steel cleaner basket with water (simply under all-time low of the basket). Establish pot over high warm and also give a boil. When steaming, meticulously area potstickers in a solitary layer on the basket (they can touch a little, you’ll need to prepare them in numerous sets). Cover top of the pot with a tidy towel, area cover over leading (towel has a twin objective: maintains the potstickers from obtaining as well damp, avoids the cover from rattling irritatingly). Vapor fresh dumplings for concerning 8 mins and also iced up for 10 mins, or till pork gets to a minimum of 155 ° F. While dumplings vapor, preheat sauté pan/frying pan/skillet over tool warm; include concerning 1 tbsp (simply sufficient to create a slim movie) of oil to the frying pan. When dumplings have actually ended up steaming, get rid of from cleaner basket (you might require to carefully shake them to obtain them off) and also fry bases in the warm oil, simply till gold brownish (if making use of a non-nonstick frying pan, they will certainly separate with a mild shake when prepared, all is not shed!). Offer quickly with preferred dipping sauces.


¹ I’ve utilized dried out Shiitakes from both MycoLogical and also FungusAmongUs– I get whichever brand name is least costly per ounce. Bought From Whole Foods.

² I delight in one by Wok Mei, offered at Whole Foods or online.

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