Torta gianduia (Piedmontese Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake)

This flourless, Piedmontese chocolate-hazelnut cake is something unique. It’s essentially comparable to an abundant, fudgey brownie with a lot of delicious chocolate as well as hazelnut taste many thanks to a one-two strike of bittersweet delicious chocolate and also toasted hazelnut dish combining in the batter, plus a layer of a preferred spread (coughing, Nutella) frosting the top. As well as it’s normally gluten-free, a lot to like!

I initially made this torta for treat as component of my Italian-focused Easter food selection, however we never ever reached consuming it that night after packing ourselves on way too much bagna cauda and also homemade crusty bread, vinaigrette-tossed baked beetroots as well as carrots, prosciutto cotto and also a lot, far more. Gladly, the cake maintains quite possibly in the refrigerator and also was an ideal enhancement to my early morning mug of coffee– I can not suggest that combination sufficient, it’s beautiful.

As well as although there appear to be a couple of complicated actions and also a lot taking place simultaneously, allow me guarantee you that it’s rather fail-safe. I attempted so difficult to wreck my initial effort– not including the toasted hazelnuts up until after I had actually currently folded up in the egg whites, failing to remember to establish a timer, and also most likely another thing that I’ve comfortably obstructed from my mind– that I’m currently basically persuaded that you can not wreck this cake.

Torta gianduia (Piedmontese Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake)

Heather Sage (adjusted from BBC Food)
Preparation Time: 30 mins
Cooking Time: 30– 35 mins

Offers: About 6– 8


  • 85 grams (3 ounces or 3/4 mug) hazelnut flour/meal
  • 85 grams (3 ounces) bittersweet delicious chocolate disks ¹ (or from a bar, approximately sliced).
  • 85 grams (3 ounces or 6 tbsps) saltless butter, cubed
  • 85 grams (3 ounces or 1/4 mug plus 3 tbsps) vaporized walking cane juice or granulated white sugar
  • 2 big eggs, divided as well as given space temperature
  • 28 grams (2 tbsps) fresh pressed orange or tangerine juice
  • 1 package (32 grams or regarding 2 tbsps) Justin’s delicious chocolate hazelnut butter ² or your favored chocolate-hazelnut spread, space temperature level.
  • Cut hazelnuts (regarding 1– 2 tbsps) for garnish, optional

For the frying pan:

  • Unsalted butter
  • Chocolate powder (Dutch-process or all-natural)
  • Parchment paper


Preheat Oven as well as Prep Pan:

Set stove shelf on facility degree as well as preheat stove to 350 ° F. Grease sides of a 6 ″ x3 ″ round cake frying pan with detachable base and also dirt with chocolate powder (faucet out extra), line base of frying pan with a circle of parchment; reserved.

Toast Hazelnut Meal:

Sprinkle hazelnut dish uniformly over a little, rimmed sheet frying pan (concerning 10 ″ x15 ″). Salute in the preheated stove for 5 mins, mix, and also salute for 5 mins much more– it’ll be gently browned in areas as well as aromatic. Allot to cool down.

Thaw Butter as well as Chocolate:

While hazelnut dish salutes, thaw butter as well as delicious chocolate. In a little, heatproof dish (ideally steel, I utilize a 2-quart stainless-steel one by Endurance/RSVP) or the top of a dual central heating boiler, integrate delicious chocolate and also butter. In a little pan (I utilize this 2-quart frying pan) over tool warm, cozy regarding 1″ of water (ensure there’s at the very least 1/2″ of area in between the water as well as base of the dish when it’s put over the top) up until it simply hardly gets to a simmer. Minimize warmth to reduced as well as established dish with delicious chocolate over top. Mix delicious chocolate blend and also warm simply up until concerning 75% of the delicious chocolate is thawed. Eliminate dish from warm as well as gradually mix up until smooth. Reserve to cool down for concerning 5 mins.

Mix Cake Base:

While delicious chocolate mix cools down, blend with each other egg yolks and also vaporized walking cane juice in a tool dish till lightened (regarding 2 mins by hand)– it will originally be really tight and also thick, however ultimately weaken and also end up being much lighter yellow. Blend in orange juice as well as cooled down, toasted hazelnut dish. Blend in cooled down chocolate-butter blend.

Beat Egg Whites as well as Fold Into Batter:

In a tiny dish, blend egg whites till they hold rigid tops. Fold up egg whites right into cake batter (no requirement to be incredibly mild).

Bake and also Cool:

Transfer batter right into ready cake frying pan, and also cook in preheated stove for concerning 30– 35 mins or up until center is no more wiggly (no requirement to put a toothpick in facility, center will certainly still be a little bit fudgey). Amazing in frying pan for 30 mins prior to running a slim spatula around side as well as eliminating from frying pan (I never mind taking the frying pan base off now). Trendy totally.

Garnish and also Serve:

Once cake has actually cooled down, get rid of parchment from base of cake (if wanted). If utilizing a pack of Justin’s delicious chocolate hazelnut butter, knead packe up until warmed up as well as well-combined. Spread nut butter over leading as well as spray cut hazelnuts over leading (if utilizing). Cut pieces and also offer. To save, freely cover cake with cling wrap as well as shop in the refrigerator; for finest structure, offer area temperature prior to offering.


¹ I such as Tcho 66% Baking Discs as well as Guittard 72% Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers.

² Available at Target as well as Whole Foods, generally in the peanut butter/jelly aisle.

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