Avocado Toast Goes Gluten-free, Naturally!

Sometimes it feels like the gluten-free group loses out on every one of the warm brand-new food patterns (I’m considering you, cronut– eventually you’ll be mine! [mwahahaha], so it’s wonderful when one occurs that we can be a component of without taking out all the quits as well as ravaging our budget plans. Cue the normally gluten-free, quick-to-prepare, remarkably cost-effective as well as, most importantly, TASTY avocado salute.

When I initially began consuming gluten-free, corn tortillas were my best sandwich bread alternative; so cost-effective, fast to warm up in my dormitory’s microwave as well as remarkably excellent to consume cozy spread with peanut butter. Luckily, there are way much better sandwich bread choices offered nowadays– you actually can not fail with either the white or entire grain from Udi’s– yet they are considerably costlier than the great ol’ corn tortilla, so we’ll make use of the affordable alternative below. Avocados are glamorous sufficient, right?

Recently, I’ve made use of the least expensive corn tortillas from Trader Joe’s to make my avocado salute; they’re far more tasty (corn-y? lime-y? can not fairly place my finger on it …) than those by Mission or Guerrero, yet they deal with every one of the various other tastes taking place in the avocado salute (with peanut butter, not a lot). It really feels a little bit foolish offering a dish, yet below’s the essence: warm up tortilla, smoosh up avocado with a little bit of lime juice, spread atop tortilla, spray with cayenne (or your favored ground chili pepper) and also a touch of cheese (cotija, feta, cheddar, essentially whatever you have sticking around in your refrigerator or Kosher salt to maintain points vegan) as well as appreciate your dazzling job!

Avocado Toast

Heather Sage

Prep work Time: 5 mins

Offers: 1– 2

Active ingredients

  • 2 corn tortillas
  • 1 tool– big avocado
  • 1/2 lime, reduced right into wedges
  • Chili pepper or your preferred ground chili pepper, to taste
  • Collapsed Cotija, Feta or your preferred cheese to couple with avocado OR Kosher salt, to taste


Cozy tortillas:

Warm tortillas in the stove (covered in tin aluminum foil, regarding 5 mins in a 350 ° F stove), microwave (atop a paper towel, concerning 30 secs) or extremely meticulously regarding prevent a kitchen area fire, over a reduced gas fire (collection tortilla straight on a tidy heater [so it’ll be 1– 2 ″ over the fire], flip periodically up until gently browned in places). Establish warmed up tortillas on a plate.

Prepare avocado spread:

Scoop avocado right into a little blending dish, smoosh up with the branches of a fork or potato masher till as beefy or smooth as you such as. Mix in lime juice to preference.

Set up and also offer:

Divide shattered avocado in between both cozy tortillas, spray with pepper, cheese (or Kosher salt) to taste. Offer instantly with any type of continuing to be lime wedges. (I generally press a little lime juice over the avocado/pepper/cheese, fold up the tortilla in fifty percent as well as consume it by doing this– no tools required!)

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