Grown Up and Gluten-free "Tuna Snacks"

As a youngster, among the best lunches for this [previous] sandwich hater was a pre-packaged tuna as well as biscuits package. Staying clear of gluten suggested bidding process goodbye to the grab-and-go “tuna treats”– as my household typically called them– yet it opened a globe of better-tasting and also extra sustainably captured tinned tuna as well as an ever-expanding biscuit range (what’s up with the meager 6 biscuits or two in the packages anyhow?).

I’ve never ever been one to doctor up my tuna past a squirt of mayo and also spray of celery salt and also pepper; oddly sufficient I never ever saw the charm of including enjoyment or sliced pickles, as well as I’ve liked pickles since I was a kid. ANYHOW, I just recently came across a shaker of Savory Spice Shop’s Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning in my moms and dad’s cupboard and also dropped in love. Its popular dill taste, plus a host of others, truly liven up the fish– it’s difficult to explain, yet it simply tastes even more matured to me.

When it comes to the biscuits, among my brand-new faves is from the Nabisco Rice Thins line. I very suggest offering the wild rice with sea salt and also pepper range a shot– they stand up well to scooping tuna or garlic and also natural herb cheese dip, as well as add a good quantity taste to the mix. Initial was a little excessive like a basic rice biscuit for my preference (read: dull, glossy structure outside) … though with a wedge of three-way creme cheese I might be persuaded, I’m certain! I’ve located them at Stew Leonard’s in Connecticut, and also at supermarket (Safeway and also Lucky) and also Target in the Bay Area, so I’m presuming they’re one of the easier-to-find as well as well-priced gluten-free biscuit alternatives across the country.

What’s your best gluten-free lunch on the move? Any kind of favored gluten-free biscuit brand names you would certainly such as to share? Allow’s speak in the remarks or on Facebook or Twitter!

Matured as well as Gluten-free “Tuna Snacks”

Heather Sage

Prep work Time: 5 mins

Offers: 1– 2

Active ingredients

  • 5 ounce can Wild Planet Albacore tuna ¹ or your favored tuna
  • 2 tbsps (28 grams) mayo
  • 3⁄4 teaspoonSavory Spice Shop Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning, or your favored spices to taste
  • Nabisco Gluten-free Brown Rice Thins or your preferred biscuit


Flake tuna right into a little dish. Include mayo and also flavoring mix, including basically to taste. Offer with biscuits.


¹ Available at Whole Foods, Target as well as in multipacks at Costco.

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